Philips hue dynamic scenes

Hello :vulcan_salute:

I check forum, I saw few same question in different topics but nobody answer yet.

i want to set Philips hue dynamic scenes from home assistant script. with following script successfully trig to normal scenes in hue hub, but unfortunately couldn’t find why to start dynamic scenes.

how can I trig dynamic hue scenes from HA.

thank you

  alias: sinema modu
  - service: hue.hue_activate_scene
      group_name: Salon
      scene_name: Soho
  - service: script.deneme2
  mode: single

I don’t think dynamic scenes are supported yet.

I saw similar information about hue dynamic scenes, it says scenes managed by lambs or bridge not by program. I am not familiar this type of data sniffing maybe some one can sniff network between bridge and software and catch parameters how to start dynamic scene. In official Philips hue software each scene has dynamic option with same name, it should be different parameter to start this dynamic option. i try to catch commands with Wireshark but couldn’t succeed. anyway lets see I think some geek friends can solve it :vulcan_salute: :blush:

What is the difference to animation from Hue Labs or apps like iConnectHue?

In Hue Labs you can already activate a colour loop for a long time and third-party apps like iConnectHue offer freely configurable animations. But both solutions are particularly performance-hungry: each colour change is sent as a single command from the Hue Bridge into the ZigBee network to the lamps. “We will solve the problem like no one else can,” promises George Yianni. “The effects will play directly on the lamps, so the dynamic scenes will run independently of the rest of the network.”

Support for dynamic scenes will come in a future version of the Hue integration:


thank you very much. I never check GitHub repositories. after beta testing it I will update topic.