Philips Hue integration stopped working - and then started again!

This is strange, as it’s been working perfectly, and I don’t think anything has changed but all of a sudden my Hue lights are not responsive in Home Assistant.

I’m running a pretty standard build on a Raspberry Pi and have installed some add-ons but I’m still very much playing with things. My main use-case was to get my TP-Link switches working on my Harmony Remote, which I’m still struggling with, but it was handy for controlling my Philips and Ikea lights, and that had worked perfectly.

All of a sudden, all of the toggle switches on the bulbs are greyed out. I’ve tried removing the integration and reinstalling, rebooting and upgrading, but nothing seems to work. I can’t see where the configuration is for the Hue bulbs, as I think this is built in now so nothing in the .yaml files to change.

Any ideas before I wipe everything and start again? Thanks

Anything in the logs?

This is the only reference to Hue in the logs:

2020-06-28 14:26:27 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.hue.sensor_base] Timeout fetching sensor data

Not sure it that helps?

And as strangely as it broke, everything now appears to be working again. I did reboot the Hue hub yesterday, but when I tested HA afterward it still wasn’t working. I also added the Hue configuration into the yaml file rather than letting it auto-discover, but again yesterday it wasn’t working.

Today it is though. Very strange.

I realize your issue resolved itself but just wanted to share that when I experienced the same issue, (same error in logs, as well) it was due to the Hue bridge changing IPs on my router.

Now that it (along with almost everything else in my home) is set to the static IP that HA is looking for, it is no longer an issue. - So if it happens again, that may be something to consider if you haven’t done so. Cheers!

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