Philips Hue Lamp does not have temperature in entitiy

I have a Philips Hue hub with the Hue Bridge integration. The Hue app on my ipad sees it as a Model LWA001 which is a soft white and allows me to change the colour temperature. The devices in Home Assistant that were discovered from the integration only have a brightness, not a temperature.

Any idea what I have done wrong

Many thanks


I believe that is depending on the supported_features.
Not sure if this is editable

This light is an amaze, but it also has brightness and temperature control.

I am sure you are correct but I cant see where I can edit the device since I know the colour temperature must be available as hue can change it. I have just moved from Hubitat to home assist and I know that hubitat does it since I used to decrease the colour temperature in the evening


When you look at Developer Tools → Services → your LWA001 is there an attribute color_temp?

I dont get an entry for this light in services, but I do see it in entities where it shows

supported_color_modes: brightness
color_mode: brightness
brightness: 255
mode: normal
dynamics: none
friendly_name: Sofa Table Lamp
supported_features: 40

I guess this is telling me that there is no temperature but I don’t see why it is in the hue controls but not here?

No offense, but are you shure, that it isn’t just a dimmable light (such as my LWA004)?

Blackadder says it only has brightness

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