Philips Hue Tap Dial Switch - ZHA

It works with any switch or light device in your system. Regardless of which integration it comes through.

Great thanks. Just ordered one!

Thanks! Got my tap dial switch today and installed this blueprint and it works great. But I have some questions:

  1. Can the dial be adjusted so that the steps in dimming will be slower? I now have to dial about 12 clicks to change the dimming from 10 to 100%. Could 24 clicks be possible for example?

  2. For testing I added some devices/entities to a button, but it seems when there is just 1 device selected, it can’t be deleted. Only when you add a second one, the other can be deleted.

  1. That’s a good idea. I should be able to add some scaling

  2. That is a bug in HA. I’ve noticed that everywhere (scripts, automations, dev tools, etc)

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  1. Great, thank you very much.

  2. Haha didn’t notice that yet.

Did you had some time to implement the scaling already?

I’ve got some initial work done in it. Just needs some polish probably tonight.

Edit: Scaling has been added to the blueprint

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Thanks, scaling works great.

hi everyone.

is it possible to use this blueprint for the tap dial but while using the Hue Hub? or is there a similar blueprint for use with the hue hub?

No, it only supports being connected to HA using ZHA

thanks for info.
shame, does anyone know of a similar solution for tap dials on the Hue hub?

@apollo1220 This Blueprint looks great! =)

I’m using zigbee2mqtt (z2m) in my setup - do you know if there’s any chance this could be extended to support zigbee2mqtt?

How complicated an endeavour would that be?

I have to make assumptions because I’ve never had zigbee2mqtt setup on my HA.

But I would assume all you would need to do is change the events that the trigger is looking for. And then possibly change how some of the variable values are getting pulled out of the trigger event as it might be structured differently in zigbee2mqtt.

So as to how complicated, should be on the easy side if my assumptions are correct.

I have the Tap Dial paired and the blue print installed but every time I press a button, I see this in the log:

Logger: zigpy.zcl
First occurred: 6:16:59 PM (17 occurrences)
Last logged: 6:37:37 PM

[0xF347:1:0xfc00] Unknown cluster command 0 b'\x14\x00\x010\x01)\x0f\x00!d\x00)\x0f\x00!d\x00)\x0f\x00!\x90\x01'
[0xF347:1:0xfc00] Unknown cluster command 0 b'\x01\x00\x000\x00!\x00\x00'
[0xF347:1:0xfc00] Unknown cluster command 0 b'\x01\x00\x000\x02!\x00\x00'
[0xF9F6:1:0xfc00] Unknown cluster command 0 b'\x01\x00\x000\x00!\x00\x00'
[0xF9F6:1:0xfc00] Unknown cluster command 0 b'\x01\x00\x000\x02!\x01\x00'

I’m running HA version 2022.9.4 in a Docker container.
HA reports for the Tap Dial: Firmware: 0x02003b13

Any idea what’s wrong?

The blueprint doesn’t reference the cluster, so maybe it’s a configuration issue? Not really sure as those errors aren’t particularly helpful.

I think the blueprint (and automations based on it) doesn’t even get the event because of this error. But the Tap Dial seems to be working for many, so I wonder what kind of configuration issue it could be?

I use the ZZH Zigbee dongle and based on what I’ve read, that’s supposed to be ok. And I have it working with e.g. the Philips Hue light and an electricity meter.

Could e.g. an old firmware on my Tap Dial cause this issue? I tried to search for any FW update but couldn’t really find any info so I don’t know if my 0x02003b13 is old or new.

I noticed that there are some quirks for RDM001 but I guess no quirks should be needed for this RDM002:

The tap dial is so new there probably isn’t a firmware update yet. My only guess on something to try would be to remove it and then add it again, maybe something got messed up when it was initially added to your Zigbee network…

Thanks for the suggestions but no luck yet.

The error print is here:
zigpy/zigpy/zcl at 6fe13fa7e59665bf9d12aa375c44dc3cd3b92d66 · zigpy/zigpy ·

I added debug prints to print the commands but both the server and client command arrays are empty.

Should I have added some cluster configuration myself or should those “just work”?

Thanks to the very helpful people at the HA’s Discord server’s zigbee channel, I got my setup to work! Although at the end it seems that it was just about pairing it enough many times that it happens to work. I think initially HA wasn’t able to query all the information from the Tap Dial so it didn’t know what to expect from the device. I think that’s visible in the “reconfigure” as e.g the OnOff failed there always.

But I was able to update my FW from 0x02003b13 to 0x02003b19 with HA, even though it probably didn’t affect anything here.

And maybe we even get a quirk for the RDM002 at some point so that its buttons show up correctly.

@apollo1220 Thanks to you too, you also helped me a lot here!

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How did you update the firmware? Thx