Pi suddenly unbootable. Mounted SD card on Mac but cannot find config files or get it to boot on Pi

Really in a bind here and would greatly appreciate any help.

I’ve had Hass.io on a RPi3 for many months now and never had any real issues. I make updates via Mac using Brackets over Samba share. Last major updates were in December, but I neglected to make a backup at that time. It has worked fine for months since then, been through several restarts, no issues.

Yesterday HA went down which caused me to start poking around at the Pi. It does not show up on the network anymore with WiFi, nor does it appear when I attach LAN cable, so I’m not even really sure it’s booting at all. When powering on I get a solid red light and a few flashes of green before it just stays on solid red/green.

I see resin-boot when I put SD in Mac, and can use ext4fuse to mount some of the other partitions. I can see some various parts of the file structure including what looks like the root, but I can’t figure out where any of my config files are. For example, when I mount /dev/disk2s2, I see bin, boot, dev, etc, home, lib… pretty standard looking stuff, except I can’t figure out how to get to my HA stuff. When I “ls -l -R” it does not return anything that looks familiar: no YAML files anywhere. The only folder in /home is “root” which only contains “.docker”, “.rnd”, and “.ssh”.

I’ve tried to mount the rest of the partitions and they either tell me “does not use an ext4 partition” or they mount successfully and just show me this file structure I don’t recognize.

I can access resin-boot and it looks like the necessary files are there that it should at least be making a solid effort to boot…

So what can I try next? How can I either get this thing booting again, or at least find my config files?