Pi4 with ssd and zbdongle-e

Is it possible to run Pi4 with ssd and zbdongle-e powered with orginal suplly 5.1V 3A?
Or this need more power?

Yes. I used the rpi4 with SSD and a dongle P for a long time.

It’s possible but not recommended. SSDs may exceed the power limits of the RPi USB specs (the power supply may not be the limiting factor).

It is recommended to use a powered USB hub to power RPi USB SSDs.

I’ll try it all together and see if there are any issues.
How far must the zbdongle be at least from the router so that it does not interfere with sending and receiving signals?
I don’t like the option with an additionally powered usb hub at all.
I wonder if zbdongle-e can somehow work over the home network?
I have several Linux NAS devices that I can connect it to if possible. if possible, is there any difference in the quality of the network compared to the fact that the zbdongle-e is connected directly to the homeassistant server?

ser2net is solution for that