Picture Glance open external App depending on OS

I looked through for some days, trying to solve an issue I’d like to resolve. It depends on the not yet existing microphone function allowing bi-directional communication with a doorcam (yet).

As a workaround for this, I would like to have the possibility to open i.e. a Windows program (Laptop) or Android app (Smartphone), others may have the same need for Linux or Apple, when I click on the camera image in picture glance. So instead of opening the picture in a pop-up that is not of real use size-wise, it should open up the OS-specific App.

One approach would be https://github.com/home-assistant/android/pull/1007, but this must be then dependent on either the operating system or maybe the device.

I could possibly trigger this as an automation, like a switch to activate the camera app on the mobile, but then again, I’d need to separate the OS, from which the call originates, as I neither want to pop up the camera app on all family members or all my devices using that dashboard. But the one on which I “answer” the door call.
I also would like to keep Home Assistant active, as the door opener is not inside the camera app, so to open the door, I’ll switch back to Home Assistant.

I’m relatively Newbie on Home Assistant, I love the ideas and sample codes I find, but the microphone and bi-directional voice on the doorcam seem to remain a dead end for now and I also don’t find anything on such a workaround yet?
And while knowing LAMP, YAML is still new to me, so I’m not good enough to understand the programming basics on YAML yet, work with adjusting such sample codes…?
I did not find anything yet on how to open an app from clicking on the picture glance card. But I think this might be a workaround for many such cases where an external app might need to be opened from a card? Apologies if I missed the right manual, directions also welcome!