PiHole Integration: Cannot disable service - error


I added my Pi-Hole to Home Assistant and have also configured the API-Key.

But when I try to disable the service I am getting the following error:

2020-06-27 08:25:15 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.websocket_api.http.connection.22632414451088] Error handling message: expected dict for dictionary value @ data['service_data']. Got 3600



I believe the duration in Service Data should be added as:

duration: '01:00:00'

not in seconds.

How can I call this service via the Frontend? Can I configure a button, which activates a predefined duration and deactivting again or do I need to do a workaround via script/automation?

  • pi_hole.disable with dution 01:00:00
  • pi_hole.enable

That is no work-around, that is how it works :slight_smile:
Create an automation or script that gets kicked off by pressing a button :+1: