Pilight for setting states? is there an easy way?

I’ve got pilight running on my pi and working both sending and receiving. I can do command line off and on with my Etekcity outlets. I want to use pilight for reading states only to update the web interface (is there an easier way I don’t know about?) but trying to find samples, examples, and documentation that makes sense is killing me.

I can read the RF data for on and off but how do I set it up? Any help would be appreciated. Point me in the right direction if there’s another way. Anything. It’s late and I’m tired and my braces are killing me. Help me, don’t let my braces kill me.


unfortunately I cannot follow with these information given and thus not help you. Can you be more precise? E.g.:

Pilight means the pilight c-library and not the pilight components of home-assistant, right?

That means using pilight-send, right?

What do you mean with reading states? Reading states is impossible with 433MHz devices. What means pilight here? Still the c-library?

Which web interface? From home-assistant or the pilight library?

For home-assistant integration did you check the pilight help?


I’ve moved on with pilight working as intended.