Platform for Synology SRM


Would be great to get support for Synology Routers RT2600AC and RT1900AC infos the same way we get from a Synology NAS.


Any news on this?


Is any chance to add support for this platform ? I also need this… For DSM is available but please also add for router Synology SRM.


id also like to see this added its a fantastic router


Would be nice to see a device tracker for this router too.


Still no news on this?


Would be nice to see a device tracker for this router as well.
Thanks in advance.


Hi, any news? :slight_smile: It will be awesome to have an integration with this router.


I had some time recently. I’ve created a dedicated library for the Synology SRM (even if the public documentation is not available yet, the structure is the same as for the DSM).

I’ve opened a PR to add the device tracker.


But is any chance to also read from SRM value sensors? Temp and other like IP or status Wan?


The PR has been merged. The device tracker will be available in the next major release (probably 0.87).

I’ll try to fetch other parameters from the router and add a sensor for it in the future.


vERY GOOD :slight_smile:


That SRM device tracker could benefit from 2fa keep us safe whilst automating :slight_smile:


Very nice component, I love it :sunglasses:

However I don’t understand how it’s working. It seems that some devices are recognized and others not. Some are updated correctly and others stays away while they still connected.

I tried to restart / reconnect the router, Hass and serveral devices but it does not work properly.

The device list of connected units in srm should match with device trackers in Hass right?

I found out that the component only detects wireless connected devices. Is this intentional or is this a bug