Play recordings straight from the dashboard using a button

I would like to know if the following is possible:

I have a camera set up to look at my front door. I have a sensor on my front door and as soon as the door opens it sends me a notification to my phone with a snapshot of who opened the door.

Then I have a second automation that records a 30 second mp4 video to network attached storage. I can see the video under the my media tab and play it from there. But what I want to do is as soon as the notification comes through, I want a button that takes me to the dashboards that displays all my cameras (I already have the button set up). Under the front door camera I want to add button, when I click on said button it should just start playing the 30 second recording on my phone.

Does anyone know if something like this is possible? It just seems way too tedious to have to scroll to the my media tab every time and then navigate to the recording.

The name of the recording will always stay the same because every time a new recording is made it will replace the previous recording.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!