Please help suggesting logic to automate blind/window shade

Dear friends,
my house has motorized blinds which are currently manually operated by a pair of switched near them. You click the top one and the blind rolls up and stops when fully so or you press the lower button and the blind rolls down and stops when fully so. Of course manually you can also stop at any height but currently this is not interesting to me.

I was thinking about building a little board with a PIR and two relays and do the following:

a) IF the sun is up (no need to measure the light outside maybe just look at sunrise/sunset times for my location ?) and if someone is walking in the room or standing near the sensor (I don’t want the blind to go up after sunrise if someone is just moving in the bed of course) then fully roll up the blind by activating the up relay for about 10 seconds.

b) If the sun has gone down for at least one hour then roll down the blind.

Does this sound ok or am I not considering some important factors?

Thank you

PS I might also modify a) to roll up the blind after 3 hours from sunrise despite picking up someone moving in the room. This might be handy to wake up some members of the family :slight_smile: :slight_smile: or simulate human presence when in vacation.

First question is: can you control the blinds from HA? I assume no since you’re talking about relays.
Once you can control the blinds via HA then you can start looking at presence. Are you planning on getting the PIR to talk to HA?
Provided you have PIR as sensor available in HA and blind controllable from HA, I see a few automations:

  1. Automate blinds up on sun or presence
    1.1. Trigger: Sun rises, movement detected
    1.2 Condition: sun is up AND presence is detected
    1.3 action: move blinds up

  2. Automate blinds down on sun or presence
    2.1. Trigger: Sun sets, movement no longer detected
    2.2 Condition: sun is down AND presence is not detected
    2.3 action: move blinds down

for your holiday, you can then either create additional automations, or add triggers and condition to fulfil the need

Hope this steers you in the right direction.
One question though: why do you need to roll the blinds up if motion is detected at all? Why not only do this when the sun rises / sets?

The only other thing I would consider would be to roll the blinds down if outside temp is higher than inside temp in day time. Blinds should stop sunlight and heat coming inside the room

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Yes I plan to stick a little board with relays and PIR inside the current wall switches to get them connected to HA.

To your question: I seldom wake up/get out of bed at sunrise :slight_smile: If I raised the blinds at sunrise I’d be kicked out of bed abruptly and very early in summer or too late in winter :slight_smile: Besides the noise of the blinds rolling up with their motor would wake up other people in the house so I need to be a tad “conservative” :slight_smile:

I am also thinking about the temperature thing when I’ll also have outdoor temp sensors yes but the conditions are more complex. Would like to start with the sunlight related project.

Thank you VERY much for your clear explanation.

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