Please stop publishing Integration updates without release notes .. I am looking at you Z-Wave JS

I dont mind being up to date, but I want to know why and honestly bumping to vX.Y.Z is not sufficient. At the very least link back to the git release notes and also instill some confidence in the why vs a release cycle and just because they bump a version is that vetted or just blindly used? Same for all integrations.

IE at the very least … in this sample wouldn’t you want to say updating to fix color dependency issues … that’s is good reason.

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This belongs as an Issue or discussion on the repo. The color corruption relates to a rogue developer who purposely broke & then updated a library. The fix is to pin your dependency to the previous version.

zwavejs is an independent project that happens to be used my Home Assistant.

If the story you linked to is correct then I’m not sure I would classify the dev as “rogue”.

It was his project. He can do what he wants with it including breaking it.

While I don’t necessarily agree with the actions taken by that dev I can understand the sentiment behind it - multi-million (billion?) dollar corporations exploiting the unpaid dev’s work and giving nothing back at all isn’t fair.

If I built a new widget and then found it so useful I put the designs out there for people to freely use for themselves to improve their lives and then some corporation picked it up, started using it and then charging their customers for it with no compensation back to me then I would have a hard time continuing to work on making it better myself. And if I want to break the widget so no one else can use it anymore then that’s my prerogative.

It sucks that innocent users got caught up in the middle of it but he did give warnings that were ignored. What was the dev supposed to do at that point aside from continuing to feel like they were getting screwed over? (rhetorical question…).

It didn’t seem to just be malicious for it’s own sake. They were trying to make a point and I think they made it.

Just to clarify that I just used your quote and I mean this in no way as badly against you at all. So please don’t take it that way.

Anyway, back to the original thread… :slightly_smiling_face:

If he thought the license he CHOSE was too free, he could have CHOSEN a different one. Instead, he threw a temper tantrum, breaking many free projects too.


And the corporations who used HIS free work (that they didn’t own) with no compensation could have CHOSEN to use something else or CHOSEN to compensate him for his free work. But instead they cried foul when he took HIS ball and went home.

In psychology, entitlement mentality is defined as a sense of deservingness or being owed a favor when little or nothing has been done to deserve special treatment.

too OT…I’m out…