Plex Assistant no longer supported?

My goal is to enable google home voice control to play music from my local library. After a search through the forums I found “Plex Assistant”, but it looks that integration is no longer in the HACS repo by default.
Is it no longer working?
Is it still the best option to link Google voice control to a local media library?
Are there any other options? I currently have a Kodi system with my music library and I’ve been using Kodi Remote to cast music onto any of my google cast compatible speakers, but it doesn’t work with voice control.
I’m really trying to avoid paying a subscription for a music service, but I’d pay a one time cost for for the application if it’s needed. Plex seems to need a one time cost to enable casting from Plex mobile, but I don’t know if that’s needed with Plex Assistant?

Thanks for any advice.

I’m looking to do the same thing but it seems I cadet plex assistant any longer did you find a solution?

sorry Fordemon, I didn’t get plex working. I moved to squeezebox (logitech media server) instead, for a while, but I found the whole “ok google, talk to LMS controls” quite clunky. The google speech integration is being deprecated too, so I’ve given up on voice control for the moment.

I’m looking to do the same. Found the Github page for Plex Assistant, but it was archived a couple years ago. Is it broken/deprecated? I’m looking for hands-free voice control for the garage as I might have my hands dirty or in the middle of wrenching on something.