Plex Config Killing Qnap And Server


This is my first time using HA and loving what I see so far but I can’t work out whats happening.

Currently whenever i put in the following:

` # Plex Setup

  • platform: plex`

It seems to refuse the connection and doesn’t allow me to connect to HA. If I then delete the above statement it starts back up.

What am I doing wrong?

I have also create an extra file called Plex.conf and have added the following code:

{"": {"token": "myToken"}}

I have then saved that file in the Home Assistant folder as im using it on QNAP NAS.

Thanks you so much for any advice.

Many Thanks


Try this:

{"": {"token": null}}

Thank you for the quick reply.

Still have the same issue im afraid.

Do you have local authentication enabled or multiple users are defined?
If so HASS requires an authentication token.

Finding your account token / X-Plex-Token.

I do have multiple users on the system and that’s the reason I used to token in the first place but still didn’t do anything. Have been on it for a while changes bit and can’t work it out.

So in:

where you have “myToken” you have the actual token from Plex? I wasn’t sure. Usually if someone is posting a config with an API key or password or something, they indicate it as [REDACTED]. As in

{"": {"token": "[REDACTED]"}}

Ah yes mate that’s exactly what I have unless I’m not getting the code properly but I believe I am from following the process. I’m out of ideas now

Me too, sorry. I’m sure someone else will weigh in though.

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I have several users as well; and I am not having issues. What is your setup? Just curious.

You only need a token from an admin user to see everything. You don’t need one from each user.

Here is my plex.conf for an example:
mcurry@abaddon:~/.homeassistant $ cat plex.conf
{“”: {“token”: “mykeywashereyoucanthas”}}

@mattcurrycom - “youcanthas” is soooo much cooler than redacted, BTW. :laughing:

@MikeCranium - Did you verify that your plex server is actually communicating on port 32400?

@rpitera try ‘netstat -tpln’[plex server] from bash; or if you are using windows pour a warm glass of saltwater down the computer, and a cold one down your pants.

telnet plexserverip 32400 from the HASS device

Please, I’m going to spit coffee all over the monitor!!!

I think I may start using canthas instead of redacted from now on.

Its all yours… I also am a member of the Jasper project if you get a chance. It compliments HASS very well… You might like it.

I thought early on I would have to automate this:

Because I had to put it in a few times. However, after the update I have not had to. With the one caveat of reinstalling the software.

I saw a feature request for this; didn’t know you were involved in the project. I’m pretty vested in Amazon Echo as I just ordered another one but I’m also getting into Pi so this may be my next Pi project!

Thanks @rpitera appreciate your support

@mattcurrycom Let me try and give you some more info if I can.

  • I currently have Plex Media Server Installed on a Qnap NAS.
  • I have only just installed HA today and this is the first couple of things I’m trying to do but with no luck.

I don’t have this in my config file I’m assuming that makes a big difference :wink:
mcurry@abaddon:~/.homeassistant $ cat plex.conf

I have only dabbled with code before so Im not sure how I would do this for my machine could you explain a little more please.

My config file is here:

I wonder if the QNAP NAS has something to do with it?

Hope that helps abit more.



I have just tried playing with some other configs and I am getting this also.

I have the added what i think is right to my router as I can access it away from the home.

Any Idea’s?