PoE-powered HA display, ideally with some buttons, use OrangePi?

At the main door I have mounted this thing https://www.amazon.de/Kaiser-Gehäuse-elektronisches-Schrauben-Durchmesser/dp/B0015M0OFI/ with a Cat5 cable in it. Of course I can connect this Cat5 cable to any PoE I want - may this be the regular PoE voltage or a custom voltage like e.g. OrangePi needs.

Now that I have set up HA and included many sensors, I would like to put a (may be small like 4") HA display in front of this box. Mainly it should display the time until the bus leaves (our local bus provider has an API offering the data), weather forecast and maybe some other house data. Ideally, but really just a nice to have, is some buttons á la NSPanel. So no need to be animated, no need for touch, a simple display is absolutely fine. Of course something like a 10" display is also fine, the bigger the better.

The only reason why I did not start with a flashed NSPanel: I don’t have 230V in there. I can inject every voltage on the Cat cable but not 230v. If it helps, I have an OrangePi with PoE support, the OrangePi fits into the box.

So what are hardware recommendations? Is there a way to hack the NSPanel to run with PoE? Would it make more sense to but something like a waveshare epaper display and use it with the OrangePi - if yes, how do I run it? Or search for a 10" tablet?

SONOFF NSPanel ESPHome HOWTO - Power with USB/5 Volt Battery. Place wherever! Including t-shirt. - YouTube you could hookup a PoE to USB(female)

the thing you actualy want to know is the amount fo Watt the PoE to USB can supply to your desired device. and the formula is Ampere times Volts = watt(s) so 12v divided by 48W = 4A :wink: only do check if the PoE standard you use can deliver that amount. (both sides)

there are PoE boards 5v,12v/24v with a Ampere rating also available you only need to hookup the correct (female) RJ45 and such … so “lots” of option

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Thanks! If I can power the NSPanel directly with 5V this is great. And I don`t even have to go through USB because I have the Cat cable with open ends, so I can just use some of the wires for 5V and good to go. Initial plan was too hook it up to an OrangePi and this alto needs custom voltage injected, so if I connect it to a regular PoE switch it would fry the OrangePi, so I need to use a PoE injector and 5V power supply. This just for the case if I use an OrangePi, to be honest I have no clue how to move a dashboard to it and need to find a proper display, etc. Just using an NSPanel seems the easiest solution.

I would highly suggest breaking this task/quest up in parts

  • part 1 - getting a tablet or such setup as a “companion” device
  • part 2 - powering it via PoE
  • part 3 - mounting at desired location

Sie darft nicht ihre electrische kabelung zu machen mit fraglich connection, auch nicht mit cat5 bitte
(sorry for my german … ich sind from nederlandische weld :wink: )
Anyway just do it propper try to use connectors where possible it might be a bit more work but you will thank me if you need to change or test parts :wink: keep in mind DIY stuff might need some love and care if a software update goes sideways.

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Good point. Initial posting was “is there any way” and “using NSPanel and powering with 5V directly” is the easiest. Topic solved for now, many thanks!

Hi! How did it go? Have you been able to run NSPanel on 5v? I tried, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get it running.

Not yet, to be honest I did not even buy it yet. Currently (and I mean right in this moment) I am back to installing HA. First things first.