Pooling interferes with command_line

i have a problem with HA pooling. I configured about 35 switches / lights with command_line
switches that call my python functions to turn devices on and off, python commands and functions work and the lights turn on and off and the status also works. The problem that leaving the pool at 30 sec as default when HA launches the pooling obviously launches it on all 35 peripherals and in the logs I see a list of pooling every 30 sec that starts one after the other if in the meantime I press a button to In the case of the switches and by chance the pooling is launched here is that the problem arises the command that I launch a few times is not taken because it is covered by pooling. As configuration I am only at the beginning I still have to configure another 35 buttons to turn on the lights and they need a faster pooling so I think the system will hang me . Someone has some ideas on how to solve this management of pooling. The ideal that the single pooling lasts very little a few thousandths of a second so that the lap of the whole pooling lasts at most 1 second.

Any suggestion?

Thank you