Poor performance using ZHA and deconz (compared to deCONZ+RestAPI)

Excited about the new deCONZ support in ZHA in the 0.86.x version I configured it as soon as I installed the new HA version. I’ve been using deCONZ+RestAPI and it’s been working reliable with fast response when sending commands, but not needing a separate service sounded like a better setup.

But ZHA didn’t perform at all, I reverted back to deCONZ+RestAPI after a few hours.

It never updated the reachable state for lights that went offline. 10 minutes after I’ve turned off a light using the power switch they were still listed as online in ZHA / HomeAssistant.

I also had problems with delays and lights not responding to commands. Sometimes I had to try 2-3 times before a light was turned on/off, and I also experienced occasional seconds long delay before a light responded.

Have anyone else made the change from deCONZ+RestAPI to ZHA, what’s your experience?

Wanna try it also, but reading your comment… :wink:

How did you copy over your paired devices? Or started from scratch? Or did you use your .DB file from deconz?

Tried but was not able to make it work :maybe because both can’t coexist.

yes i think you need to stop deconz docker first, probaby 2 services cant access same db file at same time

did you stopped the other deconz?

no, don’t want family screaming at me, lol

I’ll keep deCONZ separate, “if it works don’t try to fix it …”

Indeed , but stopping deconz for a while, to test zha, shouldn’t break deconz :wink:

I stopped the deCONZ service, removed the deCONZ integration from HomeAssistant and then added zha to configuration.yaml.

I just had three lights configured at the time so it was not too much trouble to reset each light and re-add them in ZHA.

If not mistaken at least one of the lights were already added to ZHA when I powered-on the light. Not sure how it works, if deCONZ and ZHA broadcast the same id or something (since it’s still the same device) so that lights connected in deCONZ are also connected when using ZHA. Anyway, I deleted any node in ZHA that I hadn’t added manually through ZHA and then re-added it.

I have 80 devices, so I am less keen to do, potentially, disruptive testing :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is another one.
After some of last updates, I noticed that DECONZ looses connection to some light bulbs, (Ikea tradfri E14 tunable white). After I have paired it again, DECONZ was not successful i applying scenarios to this lights.
After some testing, I have found that DECONZ does not read light state properly and cannot apply some of theese settings.
Some further testing gave me insight that DECONZ can light up, but cannot apply dimming down or turning off from automation.
I deleted these lights from DECONZ scenes and automations, and have it declard throuth HA automation scripts.
It appears to be working fine this ways.
Anyone can point me what to do, to revert IKEA tradfri E14 tunables to DECONZ scenes, or how to look what might gone wrong.

anyone ?!?