POPP Z-Weather - no update in HomeAssistant when wind action threshold is reached

The Z-Weather does report its data in very strange intervalls (sometimes every few minutes, sometimes up to 5 hours no update). It didn’t bother me so much, as I don’t use the weather data so much.

I’m using it as a warning system for wind velocity, so that I can automatically open up all sun blinds if the wind is getting too strong. There is a “wind velocity action threshold” which I understood as “is reporting data immediately if the wind velocity reaches a certain threshold”. The default configuration seems to be 6m/s.

Now it has over 15m/s here and the last reported value is an hour old, so I’m worried this whole system doesn’t work as I hoped. I want to be informed immediately if it has over 15m/s so I can open the blinds. The last reported value is indeed 6m/s (the default value…). So probably I have to increase the threshold to the same level as my limit so it reports at the correct moment … I was hoping it would report any wind over 6m/s every few minutes, but that doesn’t seem to be the case …

Does anybody know for sure how the Z-Weather works? How the threshold works and how the reporting intervals are in general?

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installeed my Z-Weather yesterday, works fine, but over night it starts with this strange behaviour. Battery-level is at 100%, so energy cant’t be an issue.
The sensor alwasy reports sleeping and signal strength is about -80dBm.

Anybody out there using a Z-Weather?

Thanks for helping.

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OK, so I got a reply von POPP’s customer support:

The number of times data is sent varies with the battery level. I assume it also varies with “assumed future battery levels”, i.e., already at the beginning of the night it sends data less often so there is enough battery left for the whole night.

The “wind alarm” is more of a flag that is set once the wind reaches the configured level. This is only “deactivated” if the wind gets back below the threshold. I.e., I have to set the configured wind speed to the same level I want to pull up my sunblinds, otherwise it doesn’t work.

Hope this helps some people out there.

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