Populating energy cards

Hi all,

I guess, I somehow miss something. In the energy view, I have a couple of entries listed, as there is an energy plug and then some sensors. So, the bar graph is nicely displayed showing the consumption of the day/week/…

Now I wanted to use the energy cards, but I don’t know how to get the entities from the energy view displayed in those cards. I can specify the card, but it remains empty. The documentation points me to the overview page, but I don’t know, where I can configure the entities to show up or even what a kWh costs.

Could someone please point me to the menu, where this can be configured?

Thanks a lot.

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Did you find out anything? I’m also quite lost on the energy page, I see a few individual entity bars and can switch between day/week/…, but I’m completely missing any further possibility to do anything with the energy dashboard.

Actually, yes.

You need to navigate to configuration/dashboards/energy and then you’ll see a couple of columns, where you can add devices or enter something about your gas consumption.

Whatever you enter there will later be displayed in the energy view.

Home assistant is maintained and developed by engineers and not by UX / UI experts :wink:

Yes, I found that option, too, in the meantime. However, apart from that the energy dashboard seems to miss any customization option. Apart from adding entities there are no other options?
I don’t really understand why this dashboard is - other than all other dashboards - so locked up. I currently am missing any practical use, at least for me.