Portainer container all deleted, can I do Home Assistant Restore?


accidentally deleted all container in portainer and my question is how can I undo this, last backup of Home Assistant is available.

Use Raspberry pi4b everything on SSD

I hope someone can help me.

Where is the backup? If you did a standard HA backup, the file will also be in a container, unless you downloaded it elsewhere. You’re right of course @CentralCommand - don’t know where my head was at.

That’s not true. Backups go into a mounted volume, they do not disappear with any particular container.

@Burclu the containers don’t really matter, at least for HA, Supervisor and it’s addons. Supervisor actually deletes the containers all the time, everytime you restart an addon it’s container is deleted for example.

The only issue is that you stopped them all at the same time. Normally observer watches for supervisor and recreates it when it stops and supervisor recreates everything else. But if you got both supervisor and observer down at the same time then there’s nothing to kickstart supervisor anymore.

The solution is actually pretty simple though - reboot the host. Then the HassIO service will start supervisor and all will be well.

Well probably. You’re on your own with any changes you made with portainer. Supervisor does not include other random containers you started with portainer in backups. Nor does it account for changed you made with portainer to other containers or docker itself. That stuff you will need to deal with on your own.

Thank you for the answers, but now I was probably too fast.

I have backed up the last 5 backups (daily) and reinstalled everything with the hope that a restore is possible but unfortunately the restore does not work at HA.

Is there any other way to restore the backup, otherwise it would be weeks of work for me.