Possibility to retrieve configuration parameter from Z-Wave JS

Hello! I’ve just entered this beautiful world of Home Assistant.
I have a Fibaro Motion Sensor (FGMS-001) paired with HA using the Z-Wave JS Add-on version 0.1.16.
I know there’s a service to set configuration parameters (which I already used to change report frequency), but is it possibile to retrieve actual parameters?

Thank you!

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good point. I noticed for example that when I set a parameter using zwavejs2mqtt and then check in zwavjs, it still shows the old value for that parameter and not the new one.
So it clearly doesn’t retrieve the value automatically. Don’t think there’s a functionality to get the value manually. Using my old home automation system (which I’m still very happy to abandon) this was possible.

I think that you just need to wait for next release

2021.4 will have a config panel that will show the current values of the config parameters.

I noticed for example that when I set a parameter using zwavejs2mqtt and then check in zwavjs, it still shows the old value for that parameter and not the new one.

Is this a battery device by chance? If so, those won’t update until the device actually wakes up and accepts the parameter change. I’ve done some testing with 2 separate HA instances and mains powered devices and parameter changes from instance 1 are reflected on instance 2 almost immediately and vice versa (assuming I refresh the page)

No this is with a mains powered aeotec multisensor 6 (also known as AEON Labs ZW100) which I upgraded to the latest firmware before adding it to home assistant.
I updated a parameter about 4 days ago using zwavejs2mqtt, zwavejs still shows the old value.

I was able to set a config param value in zwavejs2mqtt, and see the value updated in HA after a page refresh. Using HA 2021.4.0b4, zwave-js-server 1.3.1 and zwave-js 7.0.1.

Is zwavejs2mqtt still showing the correct value for you, after a page refresh? Which version of HA are you on?

OK so i stopped zwavejs and started zwavejs2mqtt. It still shows the correct value. I then again changed a parameter of this AEON Labs ZW100 as well as of some neocoolcam power plugs (NAS-WR01Z
by Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd. and also NAS-WR01ZE by Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd.)
I then stopped zwavejs2mqtt and went back into zwavejs. For all these devices it still shows the old values.

If i use the service “Z-Wave JS: Set a Z-Wave device configuration parameter” to update a parameter it will show the value correclty in the “CONFIGURE DEVICE” screen.

This is not a real problem for me, I intend to use only zwavejs for configuring parameters, but it may be a problem for others.

Ah, this is a key piece of information that wasn’t quite clear. If you are swapping between addons after setting a value, and the addons are using zwave-js v7, it won’t work.

Each addon stores its own version of a cache file of values. When you set the config parameter in one addon, the value is saved in that addon’s cache file and restored when the addon restarts. If you are switching between addons, the cache file of the other addon is not synchronized, so it has some old value. zwave-js v7, unlike v6, does not refresh values on startup.

If you keep the zwavejs2mqtt addon running and change the config param, you should see it updated in the HA UI. This is what cgarwood and I thought you were doing.

I don’t think HA nor the zwave-js addon have any way of refreshing non-entity values, so switching addons is problematic, unless you have a way to manually sync the cache files.

OK sorry for having created confusion! Out of interest: how can it be possible to run both simultaneously? I have to stop zwavejs when I want to use zwavejs2mqtt otherwise the latter is not able to access my aotec z-stick gen5+.

You can’t run them simultaneously. Stick with one. If you need the functionality of zwavejs2mqtt, I’d say use it exclusively until the zwave-js addon / HA functionality reaches parity.