Possible to copy a built in lovelace card?

Is it possible (or…how?) to copy an existing built in lovelace card just to make a few minor changes?

Example: I use the generic_thermostat platform to control a dumb dehumidifier using a sonoff switch with humidity and temp sensor (Sonoff TH16). This works great! Just set the ‘ac_mode: true’ and heater: and target_sensor to the TH16.

I can display the thermostat control with the built in lovelace card, but I’d like to be able to customize it to display On / Off instead of Cooling / Idel and % instead of °F, and update the icon.

Am I thinking correct that this should be the easiest way?


The easiest way would be to use the existing humidifier card:

It says it is good for controlling a humidifier or dehumidifier but I see no option to choose between the two so I’m not sure how it has to be configured.

Hmmm…it requires an entity from the ‘humidifier’ domain. Not sure about that. I’ll look into it. I don’t see a anything for defining a generic humidifier like I set up generic heaters in ‘climate’

yea i am also looking for a way to make a generic humidifier

For now, I’m still using “Generic Thermostat” in ‘cool’ mode. It works well - just doesn’t look right. Definitely works well though.