Possible to make rooms ID’s capitalized?

I use the SharkIQ integration. It relies on the home assistant area names to match up to the names of rooms within the shark app. The shark app will not allow a lower case, single name. Is it possible to have capitalized names for area ID’s in home assistant? I got around one area. “”Master Bedroom” in home assistant is “master_bedroom”. I was able to rename the room in my shark app to be the same “master_bedroom” and it kept the lower case. I can’t figure out how to fix kitchen. I was going to try “the_kitchen” but home assistant already has kitchen with the lowercase and I’m not sure how to change the area ID. Is it possible or is this just one integration too much? (everything else is working great … knock on wood)

No entity id’s and area id’s and such get thier name by being run through the slugify filter. Which - lowercase, trims and replaces non print characters with underscores because that’s how it needs to be stored in the db.