Possible to Turn on PiHole Whitelist with FireTV app launch

We use a FireTV for our TV watching, relying on several different streaming services. Some of those services are leverage third parties for advertisements. This is annoying because it requires adjustments to be made on at my DNS. I’m running PiHole. I play the fun game of: Enabling specific domains in my whitelist for the duration, disabling them when we are finished. I having knowing chose this game over keeping the domain enabled, taking the approach of a firewall (stateful, closing ports when not in use).

Is there a way to create an automation to (smartly) turn on specific whitelisted domains based on the launching of certain apps on the FireTV, re-enabling the domains when the app is exited (though some apps stay in the background, so perhaps on show stop would make it feasible)?

On-prem install of HA, on pi4, fully updated supervisor and OS

I have pihole integrated through the HA integration

I used to, but no longer have the FireTV integrated using the ADB debugging method. I removed the automations I was using, so disabled debugging, and can reconfig if required.