Power meter Sweden vattenfall



I logged on to my power company’s (Vattenfall) web page, realized that they have my power consumption by the hour, but only from yesterday. The problem is that, to get the data, you need strong authentication, for you Swedish people “Mobile Bank ID” which is an mobile app where you can authenticate yourself on the web. I will not go in to details, but it is strong enough for the tax authorities to trust it for declaring your taxes with it. I’m not going to try to break that. So I looked further, I found that the power meter (in my house from Vattenfall) has a led blinking.

The led is blinking 1000 per kwh!!! Theoretically I can count my own power consumption within my own house. But of course there are some challenges😊

  • Firstly I need a sensor that can register the blinks. This shouldn’t be to hard, it is in a dark cabinet.
  • The power meter is outdoors, in a steal cabinet, I can’t use radio to communicate, but there is a pipe to my multimedia cabinet from there. I can pull a cable from the outdoor cabinet in to there. But that is also a steal cabinet, I have WIFI in there but it is turned off because it is a steal cabinet, but otherwise it is ethernet that has to be used.
  • Then I need a device that counts the blinks
  • That device need to sum it up and store how many it was every hour, but I guess the soring can be done by HA.
    • It’s kind of use less if it is not stored for a longer time.
  • It should preferably be possible to display by the hour, month and year graphically in combination with the outdoor temperature (yes this is Sweden temperature make a huge difference on the electricity bill)

Any suggestion😊



Did you ever get anywhere with this? You know there’s an alternative to Bank ID these days - you can use the customer number with a password…? I am curious because this is an integration I would love to see…