Power Wemos D1 mini with a 6V DC or a 12V AC

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to power a Wemos D1 mini with a 6V DC (0.2A) or a 12V AC (0.9A)? That’s the only thing I have available next to my board… I also have a 18V AC (0.3A) but I believe it won’t be useful…

No, use a “step down” converter. It supports 3.3v or 5v

When you say, it supports 3.3 or 5.5v, you mean the step down module as an input or as an output? What shall I plug my step down converter to? Sorry I am such a beginner…

AC will definitely not work. 6V might work.

Cool, so no need for step down converter? Just plugging my 6V DC to the 5V pin ?
If this is correct, it leads me to the last question. On the power station I have (where the 6V DC and the 12V AC are), I see cables going out from +6, -6, -J, ~0, ~12, ~18 and PS. Shall I put the +6 to my 5V pin and the -6 to the ground pin ?

Probably 0 to gnd. But better measure beforehand.

It worked, thank you so much @sender for the multiple answers