Powerley ZWave thermostat - cannot set the target temperature

Need some configuration help. My electric company, AEP, lost funding for their energy program which made my energy bridge a brick and my smart Powerley thermostat a simple wall thermostat. It supports ZWave so I factory reset the thermostat and connected to HA using a Zooz USB Zwave stick. It detected it fine and I can see the current temp, humidity and even set the mode and fan speed. For some reason though I cannot set the temperature. Below is the configuration I see and a screenshot of the UI. Any help is much appreciated.


  • ‘off’
  • cool
  • heat
    min_temp: 45
    max_temp: 95
  • On Low
  • Auto Low
    current_temperature: 72
    temperature: null
    fan_mode: Auto Low
    hvac_action: idle
    node_id: 5
    value_index: 0
    value_instance: 1
    value_id: ‘72057594127056900’
    fan_action: Idle
    friendly_name: Powerley Thermostat
    supported_features: 9

I have a similar problem with Z-Wave Termostat just my valve is Fibaro FGT-001.

For those who come across this I found the solution. I had to modify the ZWave xml config file.

  1. Make sure you have the file/folder editor plugin installed or some other way to edit files in HA
  2. Inside of the config folder edit the zwcfg_0xec132b66.xml file. The numbers may be slightly different for your install but you should be able to find a file similar to this.
  3. Scroll down until you find the section for COMMAND_CLASS_THERMOSTAT_SETPOINT. What I found with my device is that contained within this node were nodes for “Cooling” and one for “Unused”. The indexes were also not correct. I deleted all 3 lines (nodes) and replaced them with the snippet below and I was up and running.
<Instance index="1" />

                <Value type="decimal" genre="user" instance="1" index="1" label="Heating 1" units="F" read_only="false" write_only="false" verify_changes="false" poll_intensity="0" min="0" max="0" value="70" />

                <Value type="decimal" genre="user" instance="1" index="2" label="Cooling 1" units="F" read_only="false" write_only="false" verify_changes="false" poll_intensity="0" min="0" max="0" value="78" />

Hope this helps

Thanks, it help for me too!

Hi, @murphy55555 -

Which ZWave integration did you use?

I set up the same Zooz and got my Powerley to be visible as you did, but do not have the xml file to modify as you detailed.