Powerview Gen 3- "Failed to connect"

Hi all, new to Home Assistant, made the switch yesterday from Smartthings. So I’m still just getting my toes in the water, but I was trying to bring in our PowerView Gen 3 hub from Hunter Douglas using the integration. The device is wired via network cable, I’ve tried rebooting, but for some reason when I type the IP into the integration in HA, it says “Failed to connect.” I can ping it, and it works fine within the powerview app, but I can’t get it integrated. I’ve looked through here and seen some of the issues with it dropping off, but I’m just having a heck of a time getting it to even recognize. Any help is appreciated!

I don’t recall adding the integration, but I remember it went without a hitch and all my 8 devices were there. My G3 gateway (which is wireless, but shouldn’t make a difference) is set to a static IP in my router. Make sure that it’s on the same network as HA, I suggest you give it a static IP. I don’t know what else to suggest. Maybe reboot the gateway as well, not just Home Assistant. And try actually shutting down the device on which home assistant runs, not just re-starting HA.

I also have a G3 Powerview Gateway Homekit Bridge that was discovered, make sure you ignore it.

Also make sure that there are no firmware updates not applied on the PowerView gateway.

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I ended up removing the gateway from the Power View app and readding and everything showed up. Thanks for the help!