"Preload stream" option not consistently available

Hey folks - I have multiple Nest devices integrated with my HA instance (a combination of cameras and doorbells). All of them work if I click the preview tile in Lovelace; a larger player opens up and (after a few seconds) I’m looking at a live feed.

The doorbell has a little “preload stream” box, which is checked - it’s the only one that shows a preview as expected on the home screen. All of the others will work once opened, but prior to that just show a black box. They don’t have a box for me to tick when I’m in the live stream / player screen.

Is there some trick to get preload_stream for all of these devices? Surely it isn’t hardware dependent?

@allenporter in case he’s seen this in his many tests.

It’s completely hardware dependent. See camera capabilities in the integration instructions Nest - Home Assistant

Edit: The docs also give you options for viewing live feeds inline on WebRTC cameras.

Edit: if you have a specify thing you are trying to accomplish let me know.

Shoot - thanks Allen. All I want is to have “proper” preview tiles on my home view, so I could tell at a glance if eg something had blocked one of the cameras. At the moment they’re all black squares (except for the doorbell) and I need to click in one at a time to see what they see. I thought the pre-load option was a software hack in HA that invisibly simulated a user clicking into the player, so the stream was hot and ready to go (which would also have the neat property of giving the preview tile something to display).

Here’s a quick screen recording in case the behavior I’m seeing isn’t normal. Same deal on desktop. https://photos.app.goo.gl/57pSirEUMdqBQnu2A

I’m not sure if this is WAI or not, but the documentation linked (thanks Allen!) had some good inspiration and I was able to fix the issue by discarding the automatic Lovelace cards + defining my own Picture Glance Cards with Camera View set to Live.

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