Presence Detection with "NUT" Low Power Bluetooth

Has anyone tried this?

I am going to put an RPI in every room; and try to narrow down location to room by signal strength comparison

I only read it fast, but it looks like an iBeacon in reverse; I think this was covered in the blog. This might help (linked because I have to re-read it myself again!)

Part II is the article that applies to the situation of this thread, but reading Part I first makes more sense.

Bad thing is that it’s ios only.

yeah useless to me. I don’t use apple/microsoft software.

Yeah I dont use iOS, if I find a solution I will post.

I got one, trying to find its mac address

use ble scan on linux if you need it will show up.

I found it, but now another problem. When I restart the HASS, the NUT disappeared from front - end

damn …

Did you find a solution to this?

try this, it has integration with home assistant