Presence sensor ZY-M100 showed like a switch

Hello comunity, the last week i installed HA, something that i really want to do long time ago, my name is Álvaro. So i have a lot of devices with ewelink and tuya, so i use the most simple integration for tuya and hacs for sonoff/ewelink and it works practically perfect (i know the last simple tuya integration still depend for cloud, even i have many zigbee devices using a zigbee hub moes, but in the future i want to move to local tuya and zigbee2mqqt).

Anyway i bought last months ago a presence sensor ZY-M100 (24G), i installed and works fine, but practically never use it, because the tuya/google/alexa rutines/scenes are so basics, so i was excited to check this sensor with the powerful HA, but…it show and detected like a switch, it show 2 switch with same devices (i think because this sensor have presence and lux sensor together), i tried to find somebody with the same problem but i don’t find anything, somebody could help me? Maybe it is not so hard to fix (i don’t have a week with HA yet).

Thanks a lot.