Presence sensor


I am using HASSIO and I am planning to use presence sensor to different task.

At some cases, I could use 220v (with a 5v transformer if necessary) to connect them but in some other cases there is no power available so I will have to use battery power them. I wonder then what would be the best solution in terms of power consumption. By the way, I imagine, it should the best to standardize the solution of all of them.

Is there anyone with experience on low power consumption devices? (I am not considering WiFI as power consumption is high)

I am between: Z-Wave, zigbee, BLE, RF433 but it might be other alternative?

The hassio will be installed on a raspberry pi 4 (at the moment I run it on an orange pi zero)

What do you mean with a presence sensor? A motion detector?

I mean a sensor to detect human presence, like a PIR sensor

There are lots of motion sensors from different manufacturers and most of them are battery powered. E.g. Philips Hue motion sensor (ZigBee), Xiaomi motion sensor (ZigBee), Aeotec Multisensor (Z-Wave, can also be mains powered through the included USB cable). These are just some examples that I use/used in my system. How long the battery lasts depends on how much activity there will be. The one in my bathroom lasted for 8 months the last time.

I have a pretty positive experience with Sonoff PIR2 - after sending back 2 dodgy ones the remaining 7 work great, no false alarms, very long battery life. They are RF though/not very secure, and you’ll need a gateway.

I’ve been using tradfri ones that work on zigbee through deconz.
The battery life has been good, but sometimes they’re a bit delayed or unreliable so I’m switching over to hard wired texecom pir’s links to an esp32. Fortunately my home was wired for an alarm system so I can use this and create an alarm at the same time.
I’ll mainly use it to switch off lights in unoccupied rooms and switch on/off hallway & bathroom lights etc.
What else are you all using presence detection for?


I know there are a lot of alternatives. That is why I am asking about experiences, to “see” which of the so many alternatives is better from the power consumption point of view.

Thanks anyway.


I know that it will depend on how much activity, but in your case, how does the battery last, roughly?

Thanks Samuel,

I definitely think that wire PIRis the best solution!!! That is why I have the alarm system wired.
The issue is I will not be able to use wire in some places.
I still consider the use options! For sure to switch some lights on/off and also for sound warnings if someone gets by….

The Aeotec Multisensors in my case lasted from 8-12 months (depending on room) months on 2x CR123A batteries, before I wired them. The Hue motion sensor in my living room is running for more than two years on the same battery.

I don’t remember when I last recharged the batteries so I’d say easily a year, which means battery life is not an issue.