Preserve HA login when optin opened in new tab

Each time I right click an option in HA to open it in separate tab, option opens in new tab but require to repeat login. This is odd. It should know I am already logged in.

Mine doesn’t.

If I save login in browser, then it logs in each time automatically, thus it looks like it is logged in all the time, but that is not good way to deal with it.

I would not suspect that is something specifically on my PC as it happens on several computers and it does not happen in other web applications (except banking app which logs you out even if you look at it in wrong manner)

I tried this on several computers, and with different browsers.

Each time I try to open something from HA in new window, I am required to log in again.

This does not happen only if I save username and password in web browser, which I do not want to do.