Preview disappears in the lovelace editor

Hopefully this is the right place for this. If not let me know ill delete/move it.

So after the update, which now i cant remember the version, but its the one that made the ‘show visual editor’ button into the {} brackets. The code editor displays the preview for like 2-3 seconds and disappears. Pretty sure its only happening with custom: cards. It does say ‘no visual editor available for: custom: cardx’ Yet, it will display it and sometimes it actually stays and works. other times half of it disappears. Not sure why it changed because clearly the visual editor can work with it.

This makes it so much easier. When I started ha a year ago having that preview made learning so much easier. After a year im much better at coding, but looking forward I believe this is an invaluable feature that should work, especially for newcomers. Would appreacate if someone could take a look at it and maybe to a pr on it. Im not smart enough to do all that. lol

15 second video of it happening:

Anyway, sorry if this is the wrong spot.