Problem after installing Duckdns / editing configuration.yaml


I have a problem with home assistant and the local domain http://homeassistant.local:8123" in the Browser. Unfortunately, the panel can no longer be opened at all. I think the Problem is in the configurations.yaml.
I have entered the following code:

ssl_certificate: /ssl/fullchain.pem
ssl_key: /ssl/privkey.pem’

Can you help me so that I can open the panel again?

Thanks for your help.

Yes. Since you installed Letsencrypt along with DuckDNS you must use httpS from now on, not http.

So https://homeassistant.local:8123 not

Your browser will complain that the security certificate is not valid (as it is for your DuckDNS domain, not homeassistant.local. It should allow you to add an exception though.

This will also happen if you try https://<ip_address>:8123

Thank you!!! It works.

Can you help also with external remote access?

I think I cannot create a port forwarding for my router.

thanks in advance.