Problem configuring HA in docker

Hello, i have an configured and working on a Rpi, but as i have a NAS now, i would like to move HA to a docker container inside the NAS, i’ve created the container, imported the configuration from Hassio and it’s opening, but i have some problem connecting to the devices

for example i have 4 wifi light (2 yeelight, 2 philips) 1 xiaomi gateway, all are ok from the Hassio but docker can not connect to them, i’ve configured the container as a host network so it’s working in the same lan as the nas, also i’ve enabled privileged mode as i would like to use a bluetooth device that i’ve connected to the nas

any idea why HA in docker can not reach the devices ? is there a problem if i try to have 2 HA instances in the same lan that are trying to connect to the same devices ?


That’s likely