Problem linking Ikea bulb LED2003G10 to Skyconnect

I’ve a Skyconnect stick with 15 Ikea devices (bulbs, smart plugs and buttons) linked to it. Now I’m trying to link another bulb type (LED2003G10), but I can’t get it to work. I’ve already put a long extension cable on the SkyConnect and taped the stick to the bulb. With that, pairing succeeds, but a few seconds after that, the device becomes unavailable.

This is the sequence of events:

  • Set SHA to searching for new devices
  • Toggle the bulb 6 times
  • It confirms pairing mode by fading twice
  • HA finds the bulb
  • The bulb confirms that by quickly fading a few times
  • Now I can control the bulb
  • Then the bulb blinks twice (off/on, off/on) and becomes unavailable in Home Assistant

Any idea?