Problem recognizing ZCOMBO devices on WaveJS

I have 11 Zwave devices - some inovelli light switches, a few ZCOMBO smoke detectors and an ecolink garage tilt sensor.

All these devices work as expected in the ZWave (1.4) integration in HA.

Yesterday, I tried switching over to the new Zwave JA implementaion, but I could not get ZWave JS to recognize the Ecolink or the ZCOMBO devices.
They showed up as unidentified devices.

When I switched back to the ZWAVE integration, HA saw all the devices again.

Can someone please help me debug the issue, and help me fix this

Thanks !

You need to wake up the devices (see manual for wake up procedure) so that the interview of the nodes are completed. Without the interview complete, HA cannot recognize them because all of the information is missing. The “Node Ready” label in the device page needs to say “Yes”.