Problem showing local image on app for mobile notifications

I cannot get a locally stored image sent to my mobile notification. Is there anything I need to set permission wise somewhere?
I tried /config/www/lastsnap.jpg which works in lovelace. I can also set this one and I can pick it up using the media browser in lovelace: /media/snapshots/lastsnap.jpg
But it won’t work in app with or without speech marks. An external image like: works fine and in the past when I got that image from my camera directly it worked too. Any ideas welcome!

service: notify.mobile_app_vog_l09
  title: Campainha
  message: Ring Ring
    image: /config/www/lastsnap.jpg
    importance: high
    channel: doorbell_max
    clickAction: app://com.mcu.reolink
    vibrationPattern: 100, 1000, 100, 1000, 100
      - action: URI
        title: View Image
        uri: lovelace/front
      - action: UNLOCK_DOOR
        title: Unlock Door
        uri: app://com.mcu.reolink
      - action: URI
        title: Live Stream
        uri: app://com.mcu.reolink

Can’t delete this, so I just had the lightbulb moment after a few days struggling…
it’s /local/snapshot.jpg as we reference a local file. Sorted!

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you had to do anything special on the HA config to make this to work? I tried everything and can make this to work with a local image, if i use a hosted image works fine

share the code you used probably has something that needs to be adjusted

this is what I have now, for now i’m using the developers tools before to put the code in some automation, like i’ve said if I use a hosted image on the internet it works fine, i’m having trouble with local images, i’ve already whitelisted the directory and i’m able to use the images with other integrations like pushbullet without any issue, but with the mobile app is not working and also don’t see any log.


service: notify.mobile_app_phone12
  message: test
    image: images/front.jpg

image: images/front.jpg change this to image: /local/images/front.jpg

Then make sure the file is located in {config directory}/www/images/front.jpg

Anything in the www folder is actually considered local and the leading slash should be included

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@peteonus I now have the same solution as @dshokouhi suggested.

{config directory}/www/images/front.jpg

worked for me, thanks for your help