Problem to forward dns/url to local home assistant ip


This was was working before my pihole crashed. So I installed it again and restored the old backup.

But still I cant access HA from my network using pihole to keep the traffic without doing out on internet.
When I can reach pihole gui i can see my dns enteries in pihole BUT I cant reach my home assistant.

My setup is:
external https://my.dyn.url (lets encrypt)
internal https://my.dyn.url ( via my pihole I have a DNS rule to forward my.dyn.url to 192.x.y.z that is my HA local ip )

On my router I added config:
LAN/DNS Server → pihole ip
Pihole and home assistant uses static ip:s

There is no ip_bans.yaml file in config dir.

In pihole when it was working before it was enough with “local dns/dns records” where domain and dns was added
Also tested to add directly in /etc/hosts file and a try with dnsmasq file.

And if I check dig/nslookup/ping I see the correct local ip and also pihole as dns… but it allways failes :frowning:

Since it stoped working i believe that my router updated its firmware, home assistant was updated several times, and also pihole has a new version from when it was working.

I can always reach it using ipaddress so its not blocked. But would like to only use the external URL but still be able to reach it locally (from the same url)

I managed to find the problem, or a part of it…

The router was set to use pihole and ISP as dns, but should ONLY have pihole set as DNS.

The irritating thing now is that I still cant connect using the phone app, but my computer works, using the same wifi and ssid…