Problem updating 106 to 107 in Docker

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Currently I use the Docker container 0.106.6 in raspbian 10 on a Raspberry pi 4. Everything works well but as soon as I try to use the Docker Container homeassistant/raspberrypi4-homeassistant:stable (107.5 I think, but I also tried 107.2) homeassistant won’t start.
The only error I get is:

s6-mkdir: warning: unable to mkdir /var/run/s6: Permission denied

I can start all old containers but as soon as I want to start a 107.x Container this error occurs.
Any help is appreciated.

look here:

in short: run your container as root. Really bad idea from security perspective but… who cares?

Thanks for your reply but I don’t think I will use root for the container. A smart home is a pretty sensible home infrastructure and people don’t have enough trust in using it as it is… Running stuff as root shouldn’t be the solution.

Totally agree with you. Unfortunately devs seem to have different opinion…