Problem with bluetooth

Hello! I’m new to home assistant and I’m asking for help. I purchased the adapter EDUP LOVE EP-B3536 [RTL8761BU] (Long Range) and connected it to the computer. Home assistant immediately found it and added it to the integration. I added it to the configuration file.yml --------

  • platform: bluetooth_tracker
    but that’s all over. the known_devices file.yaml is not created and devices are not searched for and added to the home assistant. The system is running on linux and I manually started scanning the network through the adapter, while detecting devices in the command line.

Hello! Did you ever solve this? I have the same BT adapter and HA is not seeing it.

Do you have a linux operating system?

same device here, but now already running HAOS 2024.06 on Pi 4.
I plugged the USB stick in, then I went to HA integrations.
I opened BT integration and there was the new device.

Then I deactivated onboard BT and configured the new device which meant to select a room - here the conningtower.
And then I opened the BT configuration and did not check passive scanning.
For performance reasons I disabled the internal bluetooth.

Finally: it was not working!
The stick did not connect with the BATmon integration and connection was missing.

I am writing this cause the core issue here was simple: I had to reboot
And then the Pi4 was able to connect with the JK BMS in my battery from a position where the onboard BT WiFi had not worked before.

Quite easy if someone guides you properly what has to be done in what order. I had spent 2 hours with the BAT Mon integration and connection or establishing the missing connection for the integraion.

Hope it will help others too.