Problem with HGZB-43 switch on zigbee2mqtt


I have been having problems with a new HGZB-43 switch and was wondering if somebody could help.
It connects well with my zigbee network, keeps a good lqi and seem to work as a router. However, after some minutes of joining the network, it does answer commands anymore. It reports if the lights are on or off ok, but I cannot turnoff or ON the lights.
When I give a command, it returns a error:

Publish ‘set’ ‘state’ to ‘0xef1c0310e00bfdb0’ failed: ‘Error: Command 0xef1c0310e00bfdb0/3 genOnOff.on({}, {“sendWhenActive”:false,“timeout”:10000,“disableResponse”:false,“disableRecovery”:false,“disableDefaultResponse”:false,“direction”:0,“srcEndpoint”:null,“reservedBits”:0,“manufacturerCode”:null,“transactionSequenceNumber”:null,“writeUndiv”:false}) failed (Timeout - 21043 - 3 - 83 - 6 - 11 after 10000ms)’

This error seem to be the same as reporter in the link bellow by other users:

Do you guys know how to solve this type of problem?

thank you very much!

One update on the issue in case somebody is having the same problem. I have around 2 years old HGZB-43 in my network and they have been working great so far. The 2 new ones that I just bought have the same issue described on this topic. Searching in the internet I find other people with exactly the same problem, and it seems that their conclusion is that a new HGZB-43 firmware, that came with the new switches, has problems with the zigbee2mqtt. Therefore, my idea is to try to download the firmware from the my old HGZB-43 e upload in the new HGZB-43. But I am a beginner on this type of things. I already used tasmota, but I have never tried to change firmware in zigbee switches. Because of that I would like to ask a couple of questions to the more experienced people around…

  1. Is there any guide how I can do the firmware exchange in a webpage?
  2. If I use the procedures described here: would this work in my case?

Thank you again!