Problem with light groups

Hey, I am a newbie in Home Assistant and programming and stuff. And I tried to group all my RGB lights together but kept getting a Configuration invalid error, I thought I might be getting that because I was grouping my tuya bulbs with my magic home led strips so I tried to only group the tuya bulbs but I keep getting
Invalid config for [group]: expected a dictionary for dictionary value @ data[‘group’]. Got [OrderedDict([(‘platform’, ‘group’), (‘name’, ‘Tuya Lights’), (‘entities’, [‘light.cor_bulb’, ‘light.pr_night_light’, ‘light.pr_study_light’])])]. (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 10).
I have the following to my groups.yaml and yes it is included in my configuration.yaml using group: !include groups.yaml
This is the only thing in my groups.yaml

- platform: group
  name: Tuya Lights
    - light.cor_bulb
    - light.pr_night_light
    - light.pr_study_light

I hope you can help me.

That isn’t proper syntax for groups. You should add that under light: in configuration.yaml.

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Thank you very much dude it works now thanks again you made my day better thanks again