Problem with network on Supervised Install

My HA install has been working fine for a long time, until last night. A storm knocked out the power and made a mess of the VM I have HA running in. I can boot it, but it’s unable to start the network. I can get in via the console and use dhclient, then the network comes up and everything is fine. Does anyone know much about Debian networking? I’d like to fix this so the network will come up automatically again.

All help is greatly appreciated.

Well… without details abot the usual setup, its hard to say.

Usually you configure the settings for DHCP or static IPs in /etc/network/interfaces

I guess this hint should help to investigate more and fix the issue.

Hi m8es… I am also actually, as far as HA is concerned, total novice!

Am also in English not exactly the best but have basic knowledge in networks and also in English… but use for better understanding!

About my problem: I think I’m right under this post: Namely, I have installed on a HP ThinClinet t630 with 64 GB M.2 SSD and 6 GB RAM, HA , Docker, Supervisor.

Now I have, I think since the last update, but I’m not so sure, constant network losses…

I have created a few logfiles both out of console, but also in HA console…

If someone could help me with this I would be very grateful… Because under Smarthome youreself can not help me further!

Thanks in advance

The core log ist avalible as PDF…


Screenshot_20230312_111510_Home Assistant