Problem with sections!

Any idea why this is happening? It wont span the full width?



Try using a grid or vertical card to display the card you want to span width of a column in a Sections dashboard,

Thanks, can you elaborate a bit of what you mean,

I get the general context of what you mean.

Section-Dashboard has margins and padding, which differs from the other default HA Dashboards

So you have to use CSS, and/ other ways, i.e as Bob mention and/or Card-Mod

So what you basically need to figure out, is to “remove/break” those Column-Paddings (in the ".container "

Try “Padding: 0px” And remove “Max-Width”

I actually fixed this just by putting the card in a “Horizontal Stack”

Thanks anyway!

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You’re quite welcome, anyway. :upside_down_face:

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