Problem with Set temperature

I’m using an a script to change multiple thermostat temps at night/morning/away. It sets an error
Error: Template rendered invalid entity IDs: [‘climate.ana_room_room’, ‘climate.bathroom_room’, ‘climate.cara_s_room_room’, ‘’, ‘climate.jayden_s_room_room’, ‘climate.kitchen_room’, ‘climate.living_room_room’, ‘climate.playroom_room’, ‘climate.bedroom_room’]

The script looks like this and all of the entity IDs are correct

service: climate.set_temperature
  temperature: '{{ states.climate.home.attributes.temperature | int}}'
    - climate.ana_room_room
    - climate.bathroom_room
    - climate.cara_s_room_room
    - climate.jayden_s_room_room
    - climate.kitchen_room
    - climate.living_room_room
    - climate.playroom_room
    - climate.bedroom_room

Any one have any idea what would be causing this?