Problem with SMSZB-120 frient smoke detector and Z2M

After reading about Zigbee smoke detectors, I purchased 3 frient devices.
The devices were successfully joined via Z2M but some sensors are not displayed.

The alarm is triggered when I click START, but with a delay of around 5 seconds.
However, if I trigger a test directly on the detectors, it is not displayed in HA and does not appear in the LOG

I also became aware of something by chance.
I activated permit join in the Z2M and then triggered a test alarm.

This message then pops up.

Does this mean the smoke detector is not compatible with my adapter?

I really would like to integrate these Smoke detectors because they are decent in size and have a changeable battery so I am thankful for any suggestions.

Cannot say much, but same problem here. Z2M with SkyConnect Stick… Everything else works nice!

Your problem is different from the post above. His issue is related to the fact that there’s funny behaviour going on with this smoke sensor and the conbee adapter.

Your issue is caused by the IAS zone cluster, which is apparently used to link smoke sensors together. There’s an old github issue which mentions this but doesn’t seem to lead anywhere. There’s also multiple issues referencing this model (the frient version is a whitelabel of develco).

Have a read through those, and also read the note regarding zigbee channels - you might be running your Z2MQTT instance on a channel outside the 11-24 range mentioned.
In case you need it, I also came across the technical manual. Figured I’d send you the link while I had it handy.