Problems after updating Core 2024.07

Have you noticed any problems with integrations in HA Core 2024.07 and higher versions?
I noticed Entity availability issues after update 2024.7.1 · Issue #121587 · home-assistant/core · GitHub and hOn Authentication Error while trying to add a newly created account · Issue #230 · Andre0512/hon · GitHub, strangely enough, these problems appeared for these people only after updating the core.

There was found to be several custom_integrations that were doing bad things to the database that was not detected before 2024.7. 2024.7.2 was built to prevent those and block that from happening again. I would suggest trying the latest release at this point.
the integration versions that were causing problems have been blocked, and I think they all have updated their code at this point as well.

As you can see, the husqvarna_automower integration is in HA Core, and yet, after updating to 2024.07.02, there are problems with it. The author has just added information that the error does not occur. It looks to me like something bad happened after the update.

I am on 2024.7.2 and both my Husqvarna mowers behave as they should. I didn’t notice anything when on 2024.7.1 and 2024.7.0 either.

Can you toggle the scheduler on? There’s an issue in GitHub where someone is having trouble with it.

Yes, both off and on works.

Is the Automower app working properly? Maybe you’ve noticed some slowdowns?
Approximately how much time does the mower need from pressing the button to performing an action (e.g. stopping)?
When did you add the mower to the app?

I wonder whether this report is not due to the fault of Husqvarna servers, if it is a single case.

The author has just added information that the error does not occur on 2024.7.2.

The app works as normal. They were added years ago.